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Minggu, 10 Februari 2013


Part III. Short Dialogue
Direction: You will need to read the short dialogues in the transcript page which is followed by a question.
8.You are will the speaker’s meet?
    A. At the woman’s office
    B. In a conference room
    C. At the dentist
    D. At the man’s office
    SKL: Making arrangement
9. What does Sandra look like?
    A. She is rather tall.
    B. She has long. Red hair.
    C. She doesn’t wear glasses.
    D. She has long, black hair
    SKL: Describing people
10. Why can’t the woman use the man’s phone?
     A. The man is working right now.
     B. The man is selling a phone.
     C. The man is using it.
     D. The man is going early.
     SKL: Asking permission
11. How does the woman express her feeling?
     A. She plays music.
     B. She likes fishing.
     C. She is good at cooking fish
     D.She feels fine
    SKL: Talking about Hobbies/interest.

Part IV. Short Talk
Direction: You will need to read the short dialogues in the transcript page which is followed by a question.
You are to choose one best answer to each question.
Question 12 – 13 refer to the report in the transcript.
12. Who are involved in the study?
       A. Elementary students
       B. Teenagers
       C. Employers
       D. Employees
13. How many people are in the research?
       A. 1000                            C. 25,000
       B. 10,000                         D. 30,000
14. Who is listening to the announcement?
      A. Bus passengers            C. Airline passengers
      B. Hospital patients          D. Job applicants
15. What should the passengers do if they need a pillow?
      A. Bring their seat backs
    B. Press the call light.
    C. Pay Rp 10.000,-
    D. Wait after 20 minutes

Part IV. Incomplete Dialogues
Direction: In this part of the test, you will read incomplete dialogues in various situation. You are to choose A,B,C or D to fill the missing part of each dialogue.
16. Man           ; What do you like to do most of your free time?
      Woman     :                      
      Man           : Really? Me too. I like to visit the Book store for a whole day.
      A. I like cooking new recipe
      B. I like reading comics.
      C. I’d rather play football.
      D. I prefer cleaning the house.
      SKL: Talking about Hobbies and Interest.
17. Guest            : Good morning.                 
      Receptionist : May I have your name, ma’am?
      Guest            : Tanya Robert from Goldwin Company.
      A. Which room do you prefer?
      B. Who would like to meet Mr. Steward?
      C. Where does the woman come from?
      D. I’d like to See Mr. Steward, please.
     SKL: Guest handing.
18. Janah : Do you need some help typing that report?
      Jovan : I sure do. It needs to be presented in the meeting at 1 p.m
      A. We’d be very happy to hear that.
      B. That would be lovely.
      C. That’s very nice of you.
      D. We should be able to finish it before lunch.
      SKL: Talking about people’s job.
 19. Rachel       : will you be invited to the Grammy Music Award next week?
      Winona     :                       I have to attend Michael jackson’s ceremony in Denver.
      Rachel       : What a pity!
      A. I glad to hear that.
      B. I see.
      C. I;m Sorry I can’t
      D. I really think so.
     SKL: Giving Invitation
20. Man           : Look at those lights and firework! What is happening?
      Woman     : Jakarta celebrates the Annual Food Fetival.
      Man           :                      
      A. What is the day today?
      B. What a charming city Jakarta is!
      C. How does it go?
      D. What do you do?
      SKL: Compliment.
21. Man           : I want to complain about the room. So the room is very hot.
      Woman     : I’m sorry ma’am. I will look into this right away and send the technician to the
                         Room. May I have your room number h?
      A. I just brought a tape recorder.
      B. The air conditioning doesn’t work.
      C. My son hasn’t arrived hone yet.
      D. My dinner should be in my room  a minute.
      SKL: Handling Complaint
22. Man           : Do you have today nespaper?
      Woman     : I’m sorry, Sir. It’s somewhere in the teacher’s room
      Man           :                      
      Woman     : Right away, sir.
      A. Will you buy me a sony Ericson K660i?
      B. Do you happen to know the place?
      C. Why don’t you take a new ticket?
      D. I wonder if you could help me.
      SKL: Expressing request
23. Man           : I’m sorry for being late. My car broke down on my way here.
      Woman     :
      Man           : Thanks for your advice. I’ll do that.
      A. You’d better have it checked regularly
      B. I should call a taxi
      C. My driver can help you
      D. I think I will send you a driver.
      SKL: Giving advice
24. Woman     : I like to hold the class in an open atmosphere. It makes my students feel relax
                          And enjoyable.
      Man           : If my students hear that, ............... your class.
      A. They would join
      B. They will join
      C. They had joined
      D. They are joining.
      SKL: Conditional Sentence
25. Woman     : Sir, We need to hire a new accountant.
      Man           ; Okay. … Besides we’ll have a lot of work to do next month. Ask Ms.keiko
                          To get some candidates to be interviewed soon.
      Woman     : Yes, Sir. I will have them ready.
      A. I’m sorry. I can’t.
      B. I agree with you
      C. It is not necessary
      D. I don’t agree with the idea
     SKL: Expressing Agreement
26. John          : Tanya, I’m afraid ican’t take you to the airport. I have class at seven.
      Tanya        : Don’t worry! I if you can’t drive me to the airport,
      John          : Sorry!
      A. I’ll take a taxi.
      B. The bus is coming.
      C. It’s over here
      D. The airport is about 30 minutes b taxi.
      SKL: talking about the future plans
27. Man           : I’m afraid we can’t celebrate the graduation on March 2nd . How about April 10th
      Woman     :    Sorry, I can’t make it then.          
      Man           : That’s great, I’ll see you then.
     A.Could we fix another time?
     B. certainly, what’s the number?
     C. Is that possible?
     D. Let me look now.
SKL: Making arrangement
28. Applicant 1           : Excuse me, how long have you been waiting for the interview?
      Applicant 2           : I don’t know exactly but I was here at 7 this morning and it’s 3.45.
                                      Do you know when it is over?
       Applicant 1          : I am not sure                        
       A.When will it finish
       B.When do they finish
       C. When the interview finishes
       D. When is it over?
     SKL: Noun Clause

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