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Senin, 25 Februari 2013


TAHUN 2012/2013

16.   Desta       : How about dinner tomorrow night ?
         Tasya       : I’m really sorry but something come up.
         Desta       : ... Let’s do it next week.
         a.  What time will we have it ?                            d.   No problem
         b.  Which restaurant ?                                         e.   I’m starving
         c.  Sorry about that
17.   Franda              : Can I talk to the manager, please  ?
         Receptionist    : ...
         Franda              : Yes. This is Mr. David William, the  Blues and Tshirts.
         a.   Can I just take a message, please?        d.   May I know who is calling?
         b.   Could you spell your name, sir?            e.   Would you through to your boss?
         c.   Will you call him next time ?
18.  Denia        : What was Omar doing  when ... yesterday ?
        Kasim       : Whe I entered the room, he was operating a computer.
        a.   you meet him                                      d.   you have met him
        b.   you met him                                         e.   you were meeting
        c.   you’ll meet him
19.  Man             : Do you want to join me to see the music concert on Saturday night ?
        Woman      :  ...  Do you mind riding me to the concert ?
        Man             : Not at all. Be ready before six.
        a.   Great ! I love it.                                        d.   I’m sorry.
        b.   Are you serious ?                                    e.   No, thanks.
        c.    Are you kidding ?
20.  Rahman    : I want to see the latest news updated.  ... ?
        Sarah         : Sure, go a head.
        a.  May I switch the TV on                              d.  Do you mind if I turn on the light
        b.  Is it okay if I switch off the TV                 e.  May I sit  down ?
        c.  Could you give me a magazine
21.    Mrs. Anita  : I have checked my bad headache and take the medicine but it’s still hurt
          Dr. Fahri     : ...
          a.   What about tell me more about your headache.
          b.   You must be hurt of it, right ?
          c.    What about checking it to other doctor ?
          d.   It’s better for you to buy some new medicine for me .
          e.    May I see your receipt.
22.  Mrs. Rasty    : ... it’s too heavy for me.
        Mr. Hofman : Yes, wait a minute.
        a.   Should  I help you ?                                   d.   May I help you ?
        b.   Could you lift it for me ?                          d.   What can I do for you ?
        c.   Would you leave me alone ?
23.  Laela     : What do you plan to do this weekend ?
        Romi     : ... some college  students will perform a great theatrical production in  
                         auditorium .
        a.    I’ll have  an overtime job                                   d.   I’m going to see a performance
        b.   I’m going hiking with my colleagues                  e.    I go to Bandung everyday
        c.    I’ll buy some new records for our  school.
24.  Fahri     : My mother offered me a new motorcycle, but I  am  not interested in it.
        Risma   : Really ? If I were you, ...
        a.   I would refuse the offer.                         d.   I would take the offer
        b.   I will take it.                                               e.   I would have refused the offer
        c.    I would buy it.
25.    Intan    : People have trash on public streets. What do you think we should do about it ?
          Dina     : They should be required to pay a fine.
          Intan    : ...  In fact trash everywhere can cause pollution, flood, etc.
         a.   I couldn’t agree more                              d.   I am against you
         b.   I don’t think so                                          e.   That’s not true
         c.   I have no idea
26.  Delila    : Excuse me. I’m looking for a bookstore. Is it near here ?
        Farel     : Yes, ...  and it’s on your left.
        a.   Just wait there                                           d.    It is open everyday
        b.  Go straight this road                                 e.   wait a minute
        c.   It’s about 5 minutes
27.   Ferry    : What does your father do after retirement?
         Iqbal     : He takes care of all plants and flowers. ...
         Ferry    : That’s really nice.
         a.   He enjoys being  a florist.                   d.  He is fond of doing business.                              
         b.  He loves gardening.                              e.  He serves the customers in a hotel
         c.   He likes collecting vases.
28.   Receptionist   : Good morning, “ Kheir and Mell’s Restaurant,” Can I help you ?
         Caller                : Yes, ...
         Receptionist   :  certainly, Sir.
         a.   I’d like to book a ticket to Aceh.              d.   May I book a single room for tomorrow.
         b.  I’d like to reserve a table for two.            e.  Can you prepare me a single bed tonight.
         c.   Can I reserve two seats for the evening concert ?
29.   Fadlan   : Do you think the mechanic will come soon ?
         Tomy    :  .... He is always functual.
         a.   I doubt it.                                                   d.  It depends on you know.
         b.   Certainly not.                                            e.  I don’t think  he will.
         c.   I am absolutely sure.
30.  Raffi      : I haven’t seen Yuni since tis morning. Is she absent ?
        Wanda : Right now, ...
        a.   she was out with a client.                        d.  she’s made an appointment eith a customer.
        b.   she’ll arrange a new project.                  e.  she was speaking with her boss.
        c.   she’s in the meeting room with the manager.

31.  Irwan      : How do you compare traditional market  to supermarket ?
                                    A                    B                                    C
        Marwan : I think supermarket is   most convenient than traditional market.
                                                             D                  E

32.  There is the nearest cafe whose is near to the Military Academy. Many visitors often
                                                         A          B                                                            C
        come there because they like the fresh environment.
                        D                           E
33.  Aura       : Yesterday I bought a nice bag.
        Yeslin     : Can you tell me how much is it ?
        Aura       : It is an big expensive bag.
        Yeslin     : I know from the material. It must be expensive.     
                                       D                            E
 34. My new secretary is very beautiful. She has blonde long hair and blue eyes. She is tall   
                                         A                  B                               C                                 D
       and slim
 35.  Mr. Josh      : my uncle would have given me his old car if he promotes  as the general

        Mrs. Dessy :  And the fact is ?
        Mr. Josh      :  He hasn’t promoted yet and now he is retired early. He had some trouble
                                                   C                         D
                                  in his company and I knew that from Mrs. Julie, one of his friend.

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