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Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013


Choose the correct answer a,b,c,d, or e !

1.     Dani         : Would you go to the movie on Saturday night?
Eni           : …. Do you want to pick me up?
Dani         : Yeah, be ready before seven.
      a.      Great, I’d love to                   c. Are you serious?                 e. Nice invitation, but I can’t
      b.     I’m so sorry                           d. Are you kidding?

2.     Beni         : I think the match is very interesting.
Fauzan     : …. It makes me bored.
      a.      Certainly                                c. I don’t think so                   e. I don’t know
      b.     I am sure it is                         d. I think so

3.     Siska        : Well done! You’ve passed the final examination.
Mela        : ….
     a.      Nonsense                               c. I’m delighted to hear that   e. I’m sorry to hear that
     b.     No problem                           d. That’s all right

4.     Fenti        : Are you sure it will rain today?
Agung      : …, the sun is very bright.
       c.      Certainly                                c. Of course not                      e. You’re right
      d.     I am sure                                d. I think so

5.     Anto         : Do you play tennis?
Arman      : I … play tennis when I was young, but now my favorite sport is golf.
      a.      used to           b. don’t                       c. can’t            d. can              e. do

6.     Jihan        : How was your holiday?
Alia          : It was terrible. The hotel served neither lunch … dinner.
      a.      or                   b. but or                      c. but               d. but also       e. nor

7.     Najla        : I think this film is so great. What do you think?
Afiya        : …. I like it very much.
      a.      I don’t think so                      c. It’s all right                                     e. I agree with you
      b.     Not at all                                d. I disagree with you

8.     Agung      : …. You’ve got the first prize.
Anita        : Thank you.
      a.      How awful                             c. Oh dear                               e. How cheerful
      b.     Congratulations                     d. Nice to see you

9.     Customer             : How much should I pay for my bill
Cashier    : It’s Rp. 250.000.
Customer             : Can I pay it …?
Cashier    : Oh no. You can pay by your credit card.
       a.      on my account                                 c. for my bill                           e. in advance
       b.     by installment                                   d. in cash

10.  That novel is … interesting … educative.
      a.      both – also                             c. not only – but also              e. whether if
      b.     neither -  or                            d. either – nor
11.  Suzan likes novel very much. She is used to … up to 5 novels in a month.
      a.      read                b. reading                    c. red               d. has read       e. have read

12.  I hardly recognize my old friend, Liza. She used to … fatter.
      a.      have looked   b. looked                     c. looking        d. look             e. has looked

13.  Fira          : Could you go to the movie on Saturday night with me?
Andita      : Sorry. ….
       a.      I’d love to                              c. It sounds very nice              e. That’s too bad
       b.     I like it very much                   d. I can’t go out on Saturday

14.  … my sister … I saw the Indonesian Model grand final last Saturday, so we didn’t know who the winner was.
  1. both – and                               c. not only – but also              e. whether if
  2. either -  or                               d. neither – nor

15.  I hated cold weather very much. Now, I am used to … in a cold climate after staying in London for few months.
      a.      live                             b. living                      c. lived            d. left              e. leave           

16.  Amir        : Fatimah doesn’t like coffee. Does she like tea?
       Anisah       : No, she likes … coffee nor tea.
      a.      neither             b. both             c. not only                   d. either           e. whether

17.  Amir        : Jhon has your book, or Marry has your book. Is that all right?
Anisah     : Yes. … Jhon or Marry has my book.
      a.      either             b. both             c. whether                   d. neither         e. not only

18.  Anisah     : How much is that green T-Shirt?
Seller       : …. You can get a discount 20% if pay by credit card.
       a.      It’s Rp. 200.000                     c. It’s cheap enough                e. It’s two left
       b.     It’s too expensive                  d. It’s sold out

19.  Dimas      : I’m having a party on Saturday night. Could you …
Anggita    : I’d love to but I’m afraid I can’t. I’m going out with my parents for dinner.
      a.      you come to my party?         c. I come to your party?         e. you wait me?
      b.     close your eyes?                    d. study English together?

20.  Bayu        : What do you think about the drama I played last night?
Vinda       : I think …. The story is very touching and you and players acted very well.
       a.      It was very nice drama          c. It was very bad drama        e. The film was so interesting
       b.     It was so boring                     d. The match was amazing

21.  Andi         : Do you know how many children …?
Amir        : Two.
      a.      does Fatimah has                  c. Fatimah has                        e. Fatimah have
      b.     is Fatimah have                     d. Fatimah had

22.  I wonder … she is having trouble.
      a.      which             b. what                        c. if                  d. can             e. or

23.  Andi         : Whose house is the … from the school?
Anton       : Mine. It is about 12 km from here.
a. far                    b. farer                        c. farther         d. farthest        e. further    

24.  Latifah     : Why don’t you go to Yogyakarta by night bus?
Rafa’    : We always travel by train because it is …. ….than by bus.
a. comfortable                             c. the comfortable                              e. more comfortable        
b. comfortablest                          d. the most comfortable

 25.  Flood in the Jakarta more serious … in Bandung
       a.      or                   b. than                                     c. then                         d. that              e. the

26.  Anisah     : When will the students arrive at school?
Anto         : I don’t know exactly ….
       a.      when they will arrive            c. when will they arrive          e. if they will arrive
       b.     whether will they arrive        d. where they will arrive

27.  The blouse is too … so I will not buy
       a.      cheap             b. cheaper       c. expensive                d. more expensive      e. cheapest

28.  Rico drinks two glasses of milk every day and Rici also drinks two glasses of milk every day.
Rico drinks … Rici.
       a.      more than      b. as many as              c. most            d. as much as              e. mucher than

Find the words or phrases that should be corrected and mark your answer!
29.  Lisa          : Have you met my mother?
    A           B
Zaky         : Yes, I have met not only your mother and also your father.
                                C                         D                E
30.  Feni          : How long has Gita been married?
    A                                     B
Hesti        : I don’t know whether Gita has been married.
                        C                 D                                E
31.  Ilham       : Did Ali leave your dictionary at the library?
    A          B
Nita          : Perhaps. But I don’t know where Ali left my dictionary.
                     C                                     D            E
32.  Jefry         : Do you know that Kartika can’t play badminton?
A                           B
Tony        : Yes, she can play neither badminton or tennis.
                             C         D                              E
33.  When I was child, I am used to play games with my friends in a big field near my house
       A                                          B               C              
after school every day.
  D                   E
34.  It’s hard for my children to stay inside the house. They used to playing outside every day.
              A                  B                                    C               D                         E
35.  I really don’t understand why did she easily forgot the sweetest moment we’d ever had together.
A                          B                                     C                              D                 E
36.  Back to school Midyear sales at Bross! Price are more lower than those of other stores in town.
      A                                       B
Come for anything you need at school.
    C             D                             E
37.  Fanny : Why do many people like visiting Bali for their holiday?
A                                             B
Octavia : You should have known that Bali is the more interesting place in our country.
                                             C                              D                                        E
38.  His last test showed he was the quickest typist, yet he was the less accurate of all the applicants.
        A            B                           C                                        D                                    E
39.  Farid        : What do you think of this watch?
Fikri         : I think this one is the most elegant than that one.
                  B                                C                 D     E
40.  Puput       : How do you compare traditional market to supermarket?
                                A                                                   B
Bandi       : I think supermarket is most convenient than traditional market
                             C                        D             E

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