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Senin, 11 Maret 2013



Questions 1 - 15 are incomplete dialogues. Five choices marked a, b, c, d and e are given beneath each dialogue. You have to choose the one that best completes the dialogue.

1.     Almira   : Why don’t you go to bed ?
Sarah     : Yeah.  I’m so tired because I had shooting until 3.00 after midnight.
Almira   :  It’s time for you to takearest, then.
a.      You look sleepy                        c. You  appear fresh                  e. You look angry
b.      Your sound hungry                   d.  You feel thirsty

2.     Receptionist        : Good morning. What can I do for you, sir ?
Guest                   : I’d like to talk to the personnel manager, please.
Receptionist        :  ...... ?
Guest                   :  Yes. My name is Michael.
a.      Could you call him                 c.  later May I have your name          e. Do you have a name
b.     Have you met him before       d. Have you made an appointment

3.     Kheir      : I have been waiting for you for ages. Where have you been?
Kishan    : Oh, I’m sorry for coming late.  ....  , so may car went very slowly.
Kheir      :  You should not have taken that way in busy hour.
a.      My car got flat tyre                c. I was caught in a traffic jam           e. My car has a new tyre
b.     You could be there on time    d. I changed my plan meeting you
4.     Melya      : I’m having a party on Saturday night.  ........ ?
Karina      : Well, thanks for inviting me, but I’m afraid  I’m busy then.
Melya      :  Oh, that’s too bad. Maybe some other time.
a.      May I ask you about it            c. Would you invite me                      e. Would I invite you
b.     Can you come                         d. Could you drive me

5.     Franklin   : I’d like to fix  the kitchen plumbing. ....  I want to open the sink.
Zacklin    : Just take it. I put it in the tool  box
a.      Can you buy some wire ?                   d. Can you show me how to do it?
b.     May I help you to repair it ?               e. Can you borrow my screwdriver?
c.      May I borrow a screwdriver ?

6.     Woman    : Good afternoon. We have reservation under Mrs. Shinta Bahri.
Man         : I’m sorry, Mrs. Bahri.  ............
       Woman    : What do you mean all booked ? I reserved a single room a week ago.
a.      Yes, I am busy                     c. Don’t worry, I am free              e. I’m sorry, I can’t help you
b.     Right, I have trouble with it   d. of course it will trouble me 

7.     Mr.Kheir    : Hi, Zaldy. Where shall we go this afternoon ?
       Zaldy         : Well,  ...  ?
       Mr. Kheir  :  Sounds good ! It serves good quality of coffee.
a.      What about having some drinks at Kemang Cafe
b.     How about calling Melya to join us
c.      Do you feel like snging at “ STARDUST” Karaoke
d.     Shall we dance together
e.      Will you treat me to drink

8.     Kahfi      : What’s your plan for the next weekend ?
        Sarah     : ....  My family loves swimming very much.
a.      We’ll go to tea plantation      c. I planned to visit my hometown     e. We’ll go to puncak
b.     I’m going to learn cooking     d. We’ll go to ‘Sukaria’ water park
9.     Kishan   : You look exhausted. You need a break.
Dhani     : ....   Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have many employees
a.      I’ll get a new job if I don’t do it.                           d. I’d do it if there weren’t too much work.
b.     If I were the manager, I would go for vacation.      e. I would not do it if there were much work.
c.      If I were you, I would talk to the manager.

10.  Farhana    :  What do you think about this proposal?
Kalya       :  .....  I think  I like it
Farhana    :  Thank you.
a.   Bad                                                    c. Sorry                       e. That’s too bad
b.   Could you make another one              d. Perfect

11.  Salma       : Excuse me.  ...  the bus station please ?
Sarah        : Okay. Follow this way, turn right and then turn left. It’s on your left.
Salma       : Thank you.
a.      How far is it to                        c. How long does it take to                 e. How you must tell me
b.     Where is the location of           d. Could you tell me the way to

12.  Davis       : Have you copied the letters  ...  two days ago
Marwah   : Yes, I have. Here they are.
a.      I sent you                                c. I dictate to you                    e. I give to you
b.     I type for you                          d. I ask you

13.  Mr. Fathur       : How about the purchasing document ? Can I have it now?
Adriani              : ... , Sir. I’ll put it on your desk soon after I finish.
a.      I’ve done it                              c. I finished doing it this morning     e. I’m sorry, I can’t
b.     I am typing it right now             d. I could help you immediately

14.  Mr. Yonky           : What’s your opinion of the reality show’s program on television ?
Mr. Kishan          : Well, they’re bad. I don’t like watching it.
Mr. Yonky       :  ...  Most of them make us bored
a.      I think you’re right                 c. I think so                             e. I supposed that’s right
b.     I disagree with you                 d. I don’t think so

15.  Mr. Yonky       : What will you do if I give you much money ?
Mr. Kishan      : .....
a.      I must be glad                         c. I have bought new dictionary         e. I have gone to abroad
b.     I should buy new car               d. I’ll save it in a bank

Questions 16 to 20, choose the structure in the sentence below that should be corrected or rewritten, and mark your answer.

16.  Ramayana Department Store announces the bigger sale of the year. Prices are reduced
                                                            a                b                                                      c
up to 70 %. This interesting offer is only for three days.
                                d                           e

17.  There is the nearest café whose is near to the Military Academy. Many visitor often
                                               a           b                                                            c
come there because they like the fresh environment.
                   d                                         e

18.  Wiena                        : What do you say about our new governor?
                                                           a                                                 b
 Aziz                           : I think he is a good person. I’m really amazing by his leadership.
                                              c                      d                                             e

19.  The Shopkeeper     : Good morning. What can I do for you ?
        Customer                :  I’d like to buy an Italian genuine black bag leather.  
                                                                b                                                  c
        The shop keeper    : Okay. You may come this way see it.
                                                                       d                        e

20.  Randita       : Tomorrow morning, I’ll drive to Malang, meet some friends around Tugu,
                             and come back in the afternoon.
        Fathir       : If I were you, I will spend the night at Orchid Garden in Batu and enjoyed the
                                                                  c                                                           d
                              mountain scenery and fresh air there
Answer the questions based on the selected reading material and choose the best answer a, b, c, d or e to each question.

Questions 21 to 23 refer to the following notice.
For      : All teachers
From   : Principal
 A welcome assembly will be held on Saturday, July 11, at 08.30 A.m., in our school hall. Attire is informal. Refreshments will be served. Agenda items include meeting a new teachers are encouraged to come, as this will be  a good opportunity for everybody to meet one  another and share ideas before the school year opens.


 21.  What is the notice about ?
a.      An invitation to a meeting                             d. Some programs for a new schools
b.     An offer for new employees                          e. Some agendas to recruit teachers
c.      Good opportunity for teachers

22.  What is provided during the assembly ?
a.      Lunch                                                              d. Public exercise
b.     Transportation                                                 e. Snacks and drink
c.      Money

23.  According to the  notice, how should people dress ?
a.      Formally                                                            d. Preared to work
b.     Casually                                                             e. In academic robes
c.      Complete dress                          

Questions  for  number 24 – 26 refer to the following table.

Respondent Number
Respondent Percent
No partners to talk to
Not confident
Afraid to make grammatical errors
Dislike English

24.  How many students answered this survey ?
a.      1000                                                                   d. 400
b.     100%                                                                  e. Unknown
c.      200

25.  What is the highest possible cause of the low ability in speaking English ?
a.      They don’t have any partners to talk to                     d. They simply don’t like English.                                           
b.     They are not confident to speak English                    e. C and D  are the highest
c.      They are afraid to make grammatical errors

26.  What does the word ‘respondent’ in the table refer to ?
a.      Grammatical errors                                      d. High school in town
b.     Number of partners                                      e. High school students
c.      Number of teachers
Questions  for  number 27-29 refer to the following text !

            Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was famous physicist. Einstein tried to find the answers to many questions about universe.
           When Einstein was a child, he did not seem especially smart. In fact, his parents worried because he learn to talk so late. He was also an underachiever at school. He hated going to classes and taking tests. He graduated from college but then couldn’t find a teaching job. But he kept on working on his mathematical theories even though people thought he wasn’t smart. Later people realized he was a genius.

27.  What did people think of Albert Einstein in his earlier life ?
a.      He was an intelligent child                         d. He was an ordinary teen
b.     His teacher hated him                                 e. He wasn’t smart
c.      His parents weren’t smart

28.  A word in the text which means ‘ a student whose academic results are poor’ is called ...
a.      physicist                                                      d. mathematical
b.     underachiever                                              e. genius                                               
c.      brilliant                                                                         

29.  We can infer from the text that ...
a.      he was majoring in educational studies         d. he didn’t make his parents worried him                              
b.     he always disliked mathematical theories     e. he was only wondering about the earth
c.      he used to get excellent scores at school

Questions  for  number 30-32 refer to the following information.

Baked Custard Pudding
        Make the custard with eight yolks of eggs, half a pint of ice cream or  new milk, half a lemon peel grated, two spoonfuls of orange flower water, and two ounces of sugar. Boil the milk and add the eggs when cold; then strain; line a pudding-dish with tart paste, placing some round the edge; put in the custard, and bake till set; oe line a mould with biscuit paste, fill it with flour, and bake it. When done, take out the flour, fill it with the custard, and put it again in the oven till the custard is set  and brown at the top.

30.  Make the custard with eight yolks of eggs. The Indonesian of the underlined word is ...
a.      telur                                                               d. kerak telur
b.     putih telur                                                      e. kuning telur
c.      terigu

31.  How much cream we use ?
a.      half  a pint                                                      d. two ounces
b.     eight                                                               e.  two tablespoon                                               
c.      three ounces                                                                       

32.   When should we add the egg into the boiling milk ?
a.      When it is boiling                             d. The end of all the process of baking                                 
b.     Wait when it cold                             e. Before baking it
c.      As soon as possible

Choose the suitable words/phrases to complete the text and mark your answer.
Questions  for  number 33-35 refer to the following letter.
Dear Sir/Madam,Having known about a vacancy advertised today in “Kompas” daily, I am interested in the position of a data-entry staff at your company.
 I am a 17-year-old female, graduated from a vocational high school. I understand English both oral and written and can (48) … computer. I am a hard (49) …, able to work in individual and team. With my qualifications, I am confident that I will be able to contribute effectively to your company.
 I would be (50) … welcome an opportunity to have an interview with you at your convenience.
 Yours sincerely,
  Jhon Power

33.  a. insert                     b. contact             c. inform             d. operate            e. play

34.  a. worker                  b. working           c. workless         d. workability       e. worked

35.  a. glad                        b. gladly              c. gladness         d.  recent               e. recently

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