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Senin, 11 Maret 2013



Questions 1 - 15  are incomplete dialogues. Five choices marked a, b, c, d and e are given beneath each dialogue. You have to choose the one that best completes the dialogue.

1.     Desta       : How about dinner tomorrow night ?
Tasya       : I’m really sorry but something come up.
         Desta       : ... Let’s do it next week.
         a.  What time will we have it ?                            d.   No problem
         b.  Which restaurant ?                                        e.   I’m starving
         c.  Sorry about that

2.     Franda              : Can I talk to the manager, please  ?
Receptionist    : ...
Franda              : Yes. This is Mr. David William, the  Blues and Tshirts.
         a.   Can I just take a message, please?        d.   May I know who is calling?
         b.   Could you spell your name, sir?            e.   Would you through to your boss?
         c.   Will you call him next time ?

3.     Denia        : What was Omar doing  when ... yesterday ?
Kasim       : Whe I entered the room, he was operating a computer.
a.   you meet him                                      d.   you have met him
b.   you met him                                        e.   you were meeting
c.      you’ll meet him

4.     Man             : Do you want to join me to see the music concert on Saturday night ?
Woman      :  ...  Do you mind riding me to the concert ?
Man             : Not at all. Be ready bfore six.
a.   Great ! I love it.                                      d.   I’m sorry.
b.   Are you serious ?                                   e.   No, thanks.
c.     Are you kidding ?

5.     Rahman    : I want to see the latest news updated.  ... ?
Sarah         : Sure, go a head.
a.  May I switch the TV on                             d.  Do you mind if I turn on the light
b. Is it okay if I switch off the TV                 e.  May I sit  down ?
c. Could you give me a magazine?

6.     Mrs. Anita  : I have checked my bad headache and take the medicine but it’s still hurt me.
Dr. Fahri     : ...
a.      What about tell me more about your headache.
b.     You must be hurt of it, right ?
c.      What about checking it to other doctor ?
d.     It’s better for you to buy some new medicine for me .
e.      May I see your receipt.

7.     Mrs. Rasty    : ... it’s too heavy for me.
Mr. Hofman : Yes, wait a minute.
a. Should  I help you ?                                  d.   May I help you ?
b. Could you lift it for me ?                           e.   What can I do for you?
c. Would you leave me alone?

8.     Laela     : What do you plan to do this weekend ?
Romi     : ... some college  students will perform a great theatrical production in auditorium .
a.   I’ll have  an overtime job                                     d.   I’m going to see a performance
b.   I’m going hiking with my colleagues                     e.    I go to Bandung everyday
a.      I’ll buy some new records for our  school.
9.     Fahri     : My mother offered me a new motorcycle, but I  am  not interested in it.
Risma   : Really ? If I were you, ...
a. I would refuse the offer.                         d.   I would take the offer
b. I will take it.                                           e.   I would have refused the offer
c. I would buy it.

10.  Intan    : People have trash on public streets. What do you think we should do about it ?
Dina     : They should be required to pay a fine.
Intan    : ...  In fact trash everywhere can cause pollution, flood, etc.
a.  I couldn’t agree more                              d.   I am against you
b.  I don’t think so                                       e.   That’s not true
a.      I have no idea

11.  Delila    : Excuse me. I’m looking for a bookstore. Is it near here ?
Farel     : Yes, ...  and it’s on your left.
a.  Just wait there                                          d.    It is open everyday
b. Go straight this road                                 e.   wait a minute
c. It’s about 5 minutes

12.  Ferry    : What does your father do after retirement?
Iqbal     : He takes care of all plants and flowers. ...
Ferry    : That’s really nice.
a.  He enjoys being  a florist.                   d.  He is fond of doing business.                               
b.  He loves gardening.                            e.  He serves the customers in a hotel
a.      He likes collecting vases.

13.  Receptionist        : Good morning, “ Kheir and Mell’s Restaurant,” Can I help you ?
Caller                   : Yes, ...
Receptionist   :  certainly, Sir.
a. I’d like to book a ticket to Aceh.                          d.   May I book a single room for tomorrow.
b. I’d like to reserve a table for two.                          e.  Can you prepare me a single bed tonight.
c. Can I reserve two seats for the evening concert?

14.  Fadlan   : Do you think the mechanic will come soon ?
Tomy    :  .... He is always functual.
a.   I doubt it.                                                 d.  It depends on you know.
b.  Certainly not.                                            e.  I don’t think  he will.
a.      I am absolutely sure.

15.  Raffi      : I haven’t seen Yuni since tis morning. Is she absent?
Wanda : Right now, ...
a. she was out with a client.                                    d.  she’s made an appointment eith a customer.
b. she’ll arrange a new project.                               e.  she was speaking with her boss.
c. she’s in the meeting room with the manager.

Questions 16 to 20, choose the structure in the sentence below that should be corrected or rewritten, and mark your answer.

16.  Irwan      : How do you compare traditional market  to supermarket ?
                           A              B                                     C
       Marwan : I think supermarket is   most convenient than traditional market.
                                                     D              E

17.  There is the nearest cafe whose is near to the Military Academy. Many visitors often
                 A                               B                                                                 C
        come there because they like the fresh environment.
                     D                          E
18.  Aura       : Yesterday I bought a nice bag.
        Yeslin     : Can you tell me how much is it ?
        Aura       : It is an big expensive bag.
        Yeslin     : I know from the material. It must be expensive.     
                                        D                    E

19.  My new secretary is very beautiful. She has blonde long hair and blue eyes. She is tall and slim.
                                     A             B                                C                          D                                   E

20.  Mr. Josh      : My uncle would have given me his old car if he promotes  as the general manager.
       Mrs. Dessy :  And the fact is ?
       Mr. Josh      :  He hasn’t promoted yet and now he is retired early. He had some trouble
                                            C                     D
                                  in his company and I knew that from Mrs. Julie, one of his friend.
Answer the questions based on the selected reading material and choose the best answer a, b, c, d or e to each question.

Questions 21 to 23 refer to the following notice.

From       : Rina Hasyim rinahasyim@yahoo.comTo            : Felina Adam felinaadam@gmail.comDate        : July 7thSubject   : Eco Documentary Dear Ms. Adam,
 Thank you for your e-mail. I am always interested in projects that help the environment and local communities and I would like to now more about the project.
 I am returning to Jakarta next week and will be back in the office on July 25th. I don’t have any trips scheduled until August, so please let me know which day and time would suit you to meet. Regards,
  Rina Hasyim

 21.   What is the letter about?
a.      Steps to set up the project                                 d. Arranging a meeting schedule
b.      Cancellation of the meeting                                e. Taking the project
c.      The schedule of the trips

22.  The word “suit” (last sentence) has similar meaning to….
a.      try                                          c. match                                  e. do
b.     like                                         d. know

23.  When will Rina probably be able to see Ms. Adam?
a.      In September                          c. In August                            e. On September 7
b.     On July 7                                d. On July 25

Questions  for  number 24 – 26 refer to the following table.

Personality Types and Careers
Personality Type
Typical Career
Likes to create, imaginative, often independent
Musician, Artist
Likes detail, conventional, usually punctual
Accountant, Bookkeeper
Enjoys solving problems, analytical, intellectual
Scientist, Detective
Enjoys working with people, social, often generous
Teacher, Counselor
Likes to read, hardworking, energetic
Company manager, Stockbroker
Enjoys working with machines, reliable, efficient
Mechanic, Engineer

24.  Whom is this table intended to?
a.      Part-time workers                   c. Housewives                         e. Elementary students
b.     Businessmen                           d. Graduates

25.  What career should suit to a practical person?
a.      Musician                               c. Scientist                             e. Engineer
b.      Accountant                          d. Company manager

26.  How can we describe artistic people?
a.      They enjoy working with machines                      d. They are leader
b.      They like to solve problems                                  e. They are usually punctual
c.      They are creative

Questions  for  number 27- 29 refer to the following text !

Joan Chen was born in Shanghai in 1961. When she was 14, some people from a film studio came to her school and chose her to learn acting at their studio. She was happy about this chance, but mainly she liked the idea of getting out of school. Soon, however, she discovered that she really liked acting. At age 18, she won the Golden Rooster, China’s top film award.

27.  What is the paragraph about?
a.      The idea of being a good film maker    d. The award nomination for studio school artist
b.      The successful story of a Chinese actress      e. The china’s top film award
c.      The happiness of a Chinese actress

28.  Where did Joan start to learn acting?
a.      In Shanghai                 c. In a film studio                 e. China’s top film award
b.      At her school             d. In a Golden Rooster
c.      In a film studio

29.  “Soon, however, she discovered …” (line 3)
The underlined word refers to ….
a.      Joan Chen                                         c. Her school                    e. Shanghai
b.     Golden Rooster                               d. A film studio

Questions  for  number 30-32 refer to the following instruction.

How to Operate a Computer

First, plug the cable into the socket and turn on your computer.
Second, wait a moment while your computer is loading the data.
Next, enter a password if you use it.
Then, the computer will scan in computer about viruses.
After that, choose programs we need, for example you want to type the document in word.
Then you can click Start menu then “Microsoft Word”.
Then click file to have a blank document to type.
Finally, save your work at the computer. .

30.   What is the text mainly about?
a.      How to use the computer.                                 d. How to save work at the computer
b.      How to scan about viruses.                                e. How to buy computer
c.      How to start Microsoft word.

31.   What is the synonym of the word “operate” in the sentence “How to Operate the Computer?
a.      wear                                         c. use                                       e. take 
b.      place                                         d. apply

32.   What should you do to type the document in word?
a.      Click Start menu then “Microsoft Word”.          d. Scan in computer about viruses.
b.      Plug the cable into the socket.                           e. Type the word as long as you can.
c.      Enter a password if you use it.

Choose the suitable words/phrases to complete the text and mark your answer.
Questions  for  number 48-50 refer to the following text.

Bored? Exhausted? Tired? Leave the busy big city for a while and head for the (48) … area of south Bandung where you can relax, breathe fresh air and enjoy an amazing view. Situ Patenggang is located about 1.600 m above the sea level. It is the main tourist attraction in South Bandung. The (49) … offered in Situ Patenggang are the mountain range covered with tea plantations and a gorgeous lake. Fishing, water cycling, observing wildlife and trekking are the most common activities. Shopping, hanging out with friends at food stalls, playing card games at shelters or staying in the bungalow with family are some relaxing activities that you can do (50) … Situ Patenggang.


33.  a. expensive           b. beautiful           c. crowded        d. private                e. smart

34.  a. attractions         b. attractive          c. attracted        d. attract                 e. attractness

35.  a. in                        b. on                       c. at                   d. of                          e. with

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