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Senin, 04 Maret 2013


Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang Anda anggap benar dengan cara menghitamkan pada salah satu huruf a, b, c, d, atau e pada lembar jawaban yang telah disediakan !

1.   Leon   :  Why can’t Kevin answer Melody’s call?
       Raiz    :   Kevin can’t talk on the phone because he …dinner right now.
a.       is having                                                          d.  had been eating
b.      has                                                                   e.   had been eaten
c.       has eaten
d.      has been eating
2.   Teacher  :  What’s your plan for next year?
      Student   :  If my parents …enough money, I will continue my study at the tourism college.
a.       have                                                                 d.   had                       
b.      had had                                                           e.   has
c.       is

3.   Seva    :    Why don’t you go to Yogyakarta by the night bus?
      Rafa    :    We always travel by train because it is …than by bus.
a.       Comfortable                                                    d.   the most comfortable
b.      The comfortable                                              e.   very comfortable
c.       More comfortable

4.  Donny    :  Do you want to get something to eat?
     Sadam   :  Sure, but …………twenty five minutes? I have to finish one thing.
a.       Can I wait                                                       d.  You can wait
b.      Can you wait                                                   e.   you may wait
c.       I can wait

5.  Man       :   Good evening. …for a group of 8 under my name, Andrianto.
     Woman :    Andrianto? I’m sorry, I don’t see your name. What time was the reservation?
     Man      :    7:00 p.m. I called on Wednesday and spoke to the owner, Ms. Tya Riadi.
a.       May I reserve                                                  d.   May I visit
b.      I have a reservation                                         e.   I want to
c.       I can book

6.   Mr. Yan   : Why  hasn’t  she made that phone call?
      Mita        : I think . . .
a.       The number  is 568-0879                                 d.   They sell phone cards next door
b.      She hasn’t had time to call                              e.    she had called someone
c.       We will be busy then

7.    Dian     :    Let’s get something to eat.
       Sarah   :   
a.    I found something yesterday                          d.   I got her something to eat
b.    It’s made with wheat                                      e.   It is raining out side.
c.    Good idea. I’m starving

8.    Siti     :   How would you like to pay for tickets?
       Tya    :  
       Siti     :   All right, please sign in here
a.    I’ll pick them up  this afternoon                      d.   I’ll buy two tickets to Medan, please
b.    The price is lower than the last time                e.    How much are the tickets.
c.    I’ll  put them on my credit card

9.   A Man      :   I tried to reach you at the office, but …
      Woman     :   I’m sorry, we’re having problems with our telephone service
       Man         :   Well, now that I found you, I can tell you the great news 
a.    You won’t call me                                           d.   The telephone is ringing
b.    The information is good                                  e.    No body at your office
c.    The line was busy

10.  A Man     :   By the way, do you know that beautiful lady?
       Woman   :   Certainly. I know her well. She is the lady …owns the largest house in our village.
a.       whose                                                              d.   which
b.      who                                                                 e.   where
c.       whom

11.  Jonas   : Hi Ann . what are you doing tonight?
Ann     : Tonight? I am free. Why ?
Jonas   : Good....
Ann     : Okay. I’d love to.
a.     Would you just stay at home ?                       d. What do you think if we go home together?
b.    Would you like to have dinner with me?        e.  I would like to borrow your money.
c.     How about staying up late?

12.  Kiki     : Let’s go to the concert ?
Nurul   : .... I’II pick up then
a.    I dont like concert                                           d.  I dont think there is a concert
b.    You must not be serious                                  e.   Don’t call me, any more.
c.    That sound great

13.  Officer  :  How about our service, sir?
Yoga     :  Well, Your service is very slow. Iam late to get back to my office again.  ....
Officer  :  Oh, I am sorry sir. We will try to do better next time.
a.    I am not happy with it                                     d.  I’m verry delighted with your service
b.    It’s really satisfying                                         e.  That’s very amazing
c.    Everything is perfect

14.  Ringgo  : Hey, are you ready?
Fina       : Just a minute. I need to take my car key. ...
a.    Take my car !                                                   d.  Don’t call me
b.    Wait outside !                                                  e.   Wash my car.
c.    Be careful
15.  Mother  : You smoke too many cigarettes. ....
Son         : I wish I could, mom .
a.    Stop  smoking                                                             d.  Don’t stop your habit
b.    Stop throwing cigarette buts                           e.  Buy the cigarettes more
c.    Stop buying these cigarettes

16.  Reya      : My son insisted me to buy him a new motorcycle but I don’t have enough money .
June       : What happen with his old one ?
Keyla     : Nothing is wrong. He just wants the new model.
June        :  ....
a.    You must think of it                                        d.  He should buy the new one
b.    You should take to the mechanic                    e.  How much is the new motorcycle.
c.    You should ask him to understand your condition

Questions  for  number 17-19 refer to the following text !

            Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was famous physicist. Einstein tried to find the answers to many questions about universe.
           When Einstein was a child, he did not seem especially smart. In fact, his parents worried because he learn to talk so late. He was also an underachiever at school. He hated going to classes and taking tests. He graduated from college but then couldn’t find a teaching job. But he kept on working on his mathematical theories even though people thought he wasn’t smart. Later people realized he was a genius.

17.    What did people think of Albert Einstein in his earlier life ?
a.       He was an intelligent child                         d. He was an ordinary teen
b.      His teacher hated him                                 e. He wasn’t smart
c.       His parents weren’t smart

18.    A word in the text which means ‘ a student whose academic results are poor’ is called ...
a.       physicist                                                      d. mathematical
b.      underachiever                                              e. genius                                                
c.       brilliant                                                                         

19.    We can infer from the text that ...
a.   he was majoring in educational studies     d.  he did n’t make his parents worried him                            
b.      he always disliked mathematical theories       e.  he was only wondering about the earth
c.       he used to get excellent scores at school

20. Sekar     : Have you called Danar ?
      Ina         : No, I haven’t ....
      Sekar     : Yes. Call him right now.
a.       Will you call him ?                                          d.  How long did it happen?
b.      Should I call him now?                                   e.   Can I help you
c.       Did I call him?

21. Cinta  : What is your activity on the weekend ?
Sura   : .... I am really keen on reading.
a.         I like to go to school                                     d.  I like to go to the mall
b.         I usually just stay at home                            e.  I went to drugstore
c.         I spend most of time for hunting rare book
22.  Angga    : Mom, I’m thinking of climbing merapi ?
Mother   : That sound dangerous....
a.         It’s really great challenge for you                 d.  It is the highest mountain in this area
b.         I think I can go with you                              e.   Let’s go there
c.         Let me talk to your father first

23.  Customer   :  I’d like to book a table for two this evening.
Officer       :  I’m really sorry, sir....
a.         It has been fully booked                               d.  The table is ready for you
b.         We can serve the best table                          e.   Woud you give the menu list ?
c.         You will have the table this evening

24.  Ciko        :  Hey, I need my flashdisk. Have you finished it today?
Jen          :  I am really sorry. I completely forgot....
a.         I’II take it back today                                  d.  Okay, don’t worry
b.         Your flashdisk is with me                             e.   You can take it at my home
c.         I did not borrow your flashdisk

25.  Woman  :  Good morning. Resto steak Restaurant. Can I help you?
Gito         :  Yes....
a.         I want to eat there                                         d.  I’d like to order some food
b.         How about my order?                                   e.  You can take pay with a credit card
c.         Your food is delicious

26.  Kyla    :  There is a job as a guide in the newspaper. Are you interested?
Dion   :  .... I don’t like working over the holiday.
a.         That sounds excellent                                 d.   I don’t think so
b.         I like it very much                                         e.   That’s very chalenging
c.         It really suits me
27.  Nancy   :  Hello,…?
       Mr. Joe  :  Yes, speaking
       Nancy   :  I need some information about the product you launched yesterday
a.         could I speak to Mr. Joe please                    d.  Can you tell me about your product, please
b.         could you speak to Mr. Joe please                e.   Good morning, Your boss there
c.         could you put me through to Mr. Joe

28.    Mrs. Anita  : I have checked my bad headache and take the medicine but it’s still hurt me.
Dr. Fahri     : ...
a.       What about tell me more about your headache.
b.      You must be hurt of it, right ?
c.       What about checking it to other doctor ?
d.      It’s better for you to buy some new medicine for me .
e.       May I see your receipt.

29.    Mrs. Rasty    : ... it’s too heavy for me.
Mr. Hofman : Yes, wait a minute.
a. Should  I help you ?                                  d.   May I help you ?
b. Could you lift it for me ?                          e.  What can I do for you?
c. Would you leave me alone?

 30.    Laela     : What do you plan to do this weekend ?
Romi     : ... some college  students will perform a great theatrical production in auditorium .
a.   I’ll have  an overtime job                                     d.   I’m going to see a performance
b.   I’m going hiking with my colleagues                  e.    I go to Bandung everyday
a.       I’ll buy some new records for our  school.

31.    Fahri     : My mother offered me a new motorcycle, but I  am  not interested in it.
Risma   : Really ? If I were you, ...
a. I would refuse the offer.                         d.   I would take the offer
b. I will take it.                                           e.   I would have refused the offer
c. I would buy it.

32.    Intan    : People have trash on public streets. What do you think we should do about it ?
Dina     : They should be required to pay a fine.
Intan    : ...  In fact trash everywhere can cause pollution, flood, etc.
a.  I couldn’t agree more                             d.   I am against you
b.  I don’t think so                                       e.   That’s not true
a.       I have no idea

33.    Delila    : Excuse me. I’m looking for a bookstore. Is it near here ?
Farel     : Yes, ...  and it’s on your left.
a.  Just wait there                                          d.    It is open everyday
b. Go straight this road                                 e.   wait a minute
c. It’s about 5 minutes

34.    Ferry    : What does your father do after retirement?
Iqbal     : He takes care of all plants and flowers. ...
Ferry    : That’s really nice.
a.  He enjoys being  a florist.                   d.  He is fond of doing business.                              
b.  He loves gardening.                            e.  He serves the customers in a hotel
a.       He likes collecting vases.

35.    Receptionist         : Good evening, “ Kheir and Mell’s Restaurant,” Can I help you ?
Caller                    : Yes, ...
Receptionist   :  certainly, Sir.
a. I’d like to book a ticket to Aceh.                             d.   May I book a single room for tomorrow.
b. I’d like to reserve a table for two.                           e.  Can you prepare me a single bed tonight.
c. Can I reserve two seats for the evening concert?

Questions 35 to 50, choose the structure in the sentence below that should be corrected or
rewritten, and mark your answer.

36.  Irwan      : How do you compare traditional market  to supermarket ?
                                   A                B                                        C
       Marwan : I think supermarket is   most convenient than traditional market.
                                                            D              E

37.  There is the nearest cafe whose is near to the Military Academy. Many visitors often
                 A                                   B                                                                                C
        come there because they like the fresh environment.
                     D                               E

38.  Aura       : Yesterday I bought a nice bag.
        Yeslin     : Can you tell me how much is it ?

        Aura       : It is an big expensive bag.
        Yeslin     : I know from the material. It must be expensive.     
                                        D                         E

39.  My new secretary is very beautiful. She has blonde long hair and blue eyes. She is tall and slim.
                                     A                B                                     C                          D                                   E

40.  Mr. Josh      : My uncle would have given me his old car if he promotes  as the general manager.
       Mrs. Dessy :  And the fact is ?
       Mr. Josh      :  He hasn’t promoted yet and now he is retired early. He had some trouble
                                            C                              D
                                  in his company and I knew that from Mrs. Julie, one of his friend.

41.    Ramayana Department Store announces the bigger sale of the year. Prices are reduced
                                                            A                            B                                                      C
up to 70 %. This interesting offer is only for three days.
                                D                                 E

42.     Wiena                         : What do you say about our new governor?
                                                              A                                                 B
 Aziz                             : I think he is a good person. I’m really amazing by his leadership.
                                                      C                      D                                             E

43.     The Shopkeeper     : Good morning. What can I do for you ?
        Customer                    :  I’d like to buy an Italian genuine black bag leather.  
                                                                    B                                                        C
        The shop keeper      : Okay. You may come this way see it.
                                                                                     D                        E

44.     Randita   : Tomorrow morning, I’ll drive to Malang, meet some friends around Tugu,
                             and come back in the afternoon.
        Fathir       : If I were you, I will spend the night at Orchid Garden in Batu and enjoy the
                              mountain scenery and fresh air there
45.  There are two big black Japanese motorcycles in the parking area. Mine is the  one whose has a  
                                                              A                                                    B                            C
       spiderman sticker on the tank. It’s easy to identify.
                                     D                                       E
46.   Good morning everybody !  According to the weather forecast, It was cloudy from morning till
                                                                                    A                                 B
        afternoon and heavy rain in the evening. So don’t forget to bring your raincoat.
                                    C           D                                       E
47.   Journalist  : Ummmh. Were you there when the bomb blast happened?
                                                A                                                            B
        Woman     : Yes. I am having dinner with my family when it happened. I ran to the beach after
                                                C                                               D                            E
                             first explosion. But my husband got injured.

        Journalist  : That’s too bad.

48.   Tiara          : We have new style of coats, Sir. Should you like to see them?
                                              A                                      B                                C
        Customer   : Yes, please. I need nice coat for working.
                                                                D                     E
49.   Rekha        : Who do you think will be the winner in the next 100 meter Olympic race?
                                      A                                    B
        Ryan          : I can surely say that American sprinter still have the most good chance for it.
                                 C                                                            D                                 E
50.   Hamdan     : Look ! These T- shirts are beautiful. Which one do you like better ?
                                                                              A            B                                  C
        Hanum       : I like the blue one better. The design is nicest than the yellow one.
                                                      D                                        E

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