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Sabtu, 01 September 2012


Choose the correct form of the verbs (infinitive or gerund)

  1. I am keen on  workingtrue in the computer industry.
  2. Amy decided  to seetrue a doctor.
  3. Leila enjoys  workingtrue love stories.
  4. Do you intend  to learntrue Italian or English?
  5. Do you mind  helpingtrue me wash the dishes?
  6. Alan asked  to talktrue to the boss
  7. I can't help  laughingtrue when I watch Mr Been.
  8. If Sara keeps  comingtrue to work late, she'll have problems with the boss.
  9. Liza hates  studyingtrue Maths.
  10. Are you interested in  livingtrue in Africa ?

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