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Minggu, 30 September 2012



Praise be to Allah SWT that has given us lot of things usefull for our life. Thanks  Allah and the messenger of Allah, The prophet Muhammad SAW, who has brought the guidance to the right path. wish Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him always be in our heart forever until the end of the world. And we always be in our religion Islam until death comes to us.

Okey for this section we will present something usefull for you. We will present kinds of english test for our students, and generally for all of us.

Ready For Test 2
Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat dengan member tanda silang pada salah satu huruf a,b,c,d, atau e !
1.     Mr. Jack              : Good morning ! What can I do for you, Sir ?
 Mr. James           : Good morning ! I want to meet Mr. Robert.
 Mr. Jack              :  Do you make … with him ?
        a.  a friend           b.   an appointment     c.   a family       d.  an apology           e.   an apologize
2.     Pharamita           : May I ……… your phone number ?
 Mitha                  : Sure. 0856789003321
 a.  have               b.   having                   c.   to have        d.  had                       e.   has
3.     Caller      : Good morning ! …… Mr. Bintoro ?
 Secretary : Please wait for a moment.
 a.  Are you speak to        b.   Do you speak to                c.   Can you speak to   
 d.  May you speak to      e.   May I speak to
4.    Nadya       : Good afternoon, is Rahma in here ?
Dania       : …. She is having a course now.
a.  No, she is not              b.   No, he is not                     c.   No, she does not    
d.  No, he does not           e.   No, he has not
5.    Marta       : Can I have extension 123, please ?
Secretary : …. Please, I’m putting you through.
a.  Of course        b.   Not at all               c.   hang up     d.  Hold on the line     e.   hang out
6.     Before ____his essay he read books on the subject
a.  he writes         b.   he has written       c.   writing        d.  he has written      e.   I am writing
7.     After ____ his pass, he has allowed to enter the building
a.  shown              b.   have shown           c.   showed        d.  showing               e.   to show
8.     Although dino has denied ____ the money, they are still suspecting him
a.  stolen              b.   steal                      c.   to steal        d.  stealing                e.   have stolen
9.     The man sitting next to ratu said, “do you mind______?”
a.  smoking          b.   to smoke               c.   smoke          d.  my smoking         e.   be smoking
10.  He must avoid____ too hard because of his poor health
a.  be working      b.   in working             c.   work           d.  working                e.   to be working

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