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Kamis, 20 September 2012


1. How to answer the phone:
    Anne hears the phone ringing and lifts up the receiver. She will say:

  • Hello! This is Anne speaking
  • Good morning!

2. Asking who is the caller is:

  • Who is it please?
  • Who is calling, please?
  • Who is speaking, please?
  • May I ask who is calling?

3. Wrong number:

  • Sorry, wrong number.
  • I am afraid you have the wrong number.
  • Sorry you have the wrong number.

4. Asking for a connection /Expressing the name of someone who wants to talk to:

  • Good morning, may I speak to Mr. Allen, please?
  • Can I talk to first name please?
  • Id like to speak to Sarah Adams, please?
  • Could you put me through Mr. Allen, Please?

5. Asking someone to hold the line:

  • Hold on, please?
  • Just a minute please.
  • One moment, please. Hold the line, will you?

6. The caller speaks to the person concerned. The receiver will say:

  • Speaking.
  • Yes, speaking.

7. Leaving a message. The caller will say:

  • Could you take a message for me, please?
  • Could you please take a message?

8. The person answering the phone will say:

  • Would you like to leave a message?
  • May I have a message, please?

9. The line is busy:

  • Sorry. The line is busy. Please call back later.
  • Sorry. The line is engaged.

10. Making appointments:
  • Could you manage it on Tuesday?
  • What about Friday?Shall we say at 2 oclock?
  • Can you make it after lunch?
  • What about tomorrow at seven?
  • Is tomorrow OK for you?
  • Can I meet you tomorrow morning?
11. Answering a call about making appointments:
  • Just a moment, please. Ill check my diary first.
  • Im sorry Ill be out all day.That would be fine.
  • Yes, Im sure I can make it.
  • Im sorry, Im not available tomorrow.
  • I will be free after lunch.
12. Closing the call:
  • Thank you for your call.
  • Thanks for calling.

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