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Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

Exercise of Hotel room reservation

Complete the sentences.

  1. Hotel Beach House, can I help you?
  2. I'm phoning to ______________ a room.
  3. ______________ would you like to arrive?
  4. Tomorrow.
  5. How many nights are you going to _____________ ?
  6. Two nights.
  7. What kind of room would you ________________?
  8. A double room with a shower.
  9. Just a moment, I'll check. ... We have a nice room on the second floor.
  10. How much is it?
  11. It's $25 per person and___________________, breakfast included.
  12. That's a good price. I'd like to make a reservation for that room, please.
  13. Very well. May I have your _______________, please?
  14. Conners.
  15. Could you _____________ that, please?
  16. It's C-O-N-N-E-R-S.
  17. Thank you for your reservation. See you __________________ .

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