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Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Exercise : Simple Past tense 1

Complete the sentence with the correct verb of Simple Past Tense !

  1. He always goes to work by car. Yesterday he --------------- to work by bus.
  2. They always get up early. This morning they -------------- up late.
  3. Bill often loses his key. He -------------- one last Saturday.
  4. I write a letter to Jane every week. Last week I ------------- two letters.
  5. She meets her friends every evening. She --------------- them yesterday evening, too.
  6. I usually read two newspapers every day. I only ---------- a newspaper yesterday.
  7. They come to my house every Friday. Last Friday they ------------, too.
  8. We usually go to the cinema on Sunday. We -------------- to the cinema last Sunday, too.
  9. Tom always has a shower in the morning. Tom ------------ a shower this morning, too.
  10. They buy a new car every year. Last year they ----------- a new car, too.
  11. I eat an orange every day. Yesterday I ---------- two oranges.
  12. We usually do our shopping on Monday. We ---------- our shopping last Monday, too.
  13. Ann often takes photos. Last weekend she ---------- some photos.
  14. We leave at 8.30 every morning. But yesterday we ----------- at 8.00.

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