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Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Exercise : Simple Past Tense 2

Tell the story – fill in the blank with the correct form of Simple Past Tense !

On Friday, the children ------------ (talk) about a day out together in the country. The next morning, they ------------ (go) to the country with their two dogs and ---------(play) together. Ben and Dave ------------ (have) some kites. Some time later the dogs ----------- (be) not there. So they ----------- (call) them and --------- (look) for them in the forest. After half an hour the children -------- (find) them and  --------- (take) them back. Charlie --------- (be) very happy to see them again. At lunch time Nick ----------- (go) to the bikes and -------- (fetch) the basket with some meat sandwiches. Then they ---------(play) football. Nick and Dave ----------(win). In the evening they ---------- (ride) home.

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