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Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Soal Latihan Memo In English

Materi : MEMO
Latihan Soal Kelas XII Ak/AP/Pemasaran SMK Sumpah Pemuda
By : Abdul Hair, S.Pd.

Choose the correct answer...!
  1. To : All Employees
    From : St. Kartono
    Subject : Ordering Supplies
    Date : April 4th, 2006

    All requests for supplies must be typed and signed. Only typed requests will be accepted. All requests must be on my desk by fifteenth every month. Approved requested will be sent on the Accounting Department.
    Please plan ahead. It takes two to six weeks to order supplies.

    The memo is addressed to…
    1.   New employees
    2.   Mr. St.Kartono
    3.   Head of personnel
    4.   All employees
  2. What should they do with the request?
    1.   Write down on a paper
    2.   Typed and signed
    3.   Write and sign
    4.   signed
  3. When must employees submit their request?
    1.   In first two weeks each month
    2.   Within six weeks
    3.   By the end of the month
    4.   Immediately
  4. What does the memo concern?
    1.   Overdue accounts
    2.   Office furniture
    3.   Supply request
    4.   Typewriters
  5. What will happen to handwritten request?
    1.   They will not be accepted
    2.   They will be approved quickly
    3.   They will be read carefully
    4.   They will be sent to accounting
  6. To : Mr. Totok
    From : Director
    Subject : Head of Marketing meeting
    Date : April 5th,2006

    Please attend the meeting at Sheraton Hotel on Saturday, April 8th, 2006 at 9 a.m. on behalf of the director. Looking forward to your report upon the completion of the meeting.

    What should the receiver do?
    1.   Arrange a meeting
    2.   Meet the director
    3.   represent the director
    4.   bring the report to the meeting
  7. When did the director write the memo?
    1.   April 3rd,2006
    2.   April 5th,2006
    3.   April 8th,2006
    4.   April 7th,2006
  8. Who is the addressee of the memo?
    1.   Head of marketing
    2.   Mr. Totok
    3.   Head of personnel
    4.   Director
  9. What should he do after attending the meeting?
    1.   Arrange a meeting
    2.   Meet the director
    3.   represent the director
    4.   bring the report to the meeting
  10. Where will the meeting placed?
    1.   Marketing room
    2.   Melia Purosani Hotel
    3.   Director room
    4.   Sheraton Hotel
  11. To : Dimas Jayadiningrat
    From : Henry Dimeja
    Public relation Manager
    Subject : Press Conference of the Concert
    Date : April 11st,2006

    Please attend the press conference at Plaza Indonesia on Thursday, April 13th, 2006 at 11 a.m. on behalf of the choreographer team. Cover everything you need for the conference by yourself.

    What is Dimas Jayadiningrat?
    1.   Dancer
    2.   Singer
    3.   Choreographer
    4.   Photographer
  12. When will the press conference be held?
    1.   Tuesday, April 13th , 2006
    2.   Tuesday, 11th, 2006
    3.   Thursday, April 13th,2006
    4.   Thursday, April 11th,2006
  13. Where will Dimas come for the press conference?
    1.   Hotel Indonesia
    2.   Karawaci Mall
    3.   Plaza Indonesia
    4.   Taman Indonesia
  14. What should Dimas do relating to his needs?
    1.   To cover everything by themselves.
    2.   To buy everything by himself.
    3.   To cover his needs by himself.
    4.   To buy his needs by himself.
  15. What is Henry Dimeja?
    1.   HRD Manager.
    2.   PR Manager.
    3.   Man Power Manager.
    4.   Accounting Manager.

  16. To : All employees
    From : Donetta Muscillo
    Safety Coordinator
    Date : June 1st, 2006
    Sub. : Fire doors.

    Employees are reminded that door designated as fire doors must stay closed at all times. The purpose of fire doors is to help direct smoke away from areas where people are working in case of a fire in the building. Even though the weather is hot and the repair to the company is air conditioner are not complete, keeping the fire doors open is dangerous and is not allowed.

    What is the writer of the memo?
    1.   Account Manager
    2.   Human Resources Department
    3.   Safety Coordinator
    4.   Marketing Manager
  17. What kind of memo is this?
    1.   A notice about new policy
    2.   A safety warning
    3.   A Personnel memo
    4.   A Reception invitation
  18. What is the purpose of fire doors?
    1.   To keep smoke away from people.
    2.   To provide escape routes.
    3.   To keep fire from spreading.
    4.   To contain heat.
  19. Why were employees probably keeping the fire doors open?
    1.   To set to a higher door
    2.   To go from office to office
    3.   To look at the view
    4.   To let in cool air
  20. What is the prohibition of the fire door?
    1.   Let it open
    2.   Both open and close
    3.   Keep it always close
    4.   whatever you like.
  21. To : Comy Semiawan
    Senior Secretary
    From : Arnoldus Namang
    Date : May 3rd,2006
    Sub : Steve Wilder, American Interior Designer
    Mr. Wilder will be visiting our office on Friday, May 5th, 2006. I would like you to prepare the concept of our new building’s Interior for him. He will arrive in the morning before.

    What is Steve Wilder’s occupation?
    1.   a teacher
    2.   an Interior Designer
    3.   Secretary
    4.   Manager
  22. Who is Mr. Namang?
    1.   a designer
    2.   junior secretary
    3.   Comy’s boss
    4.   Steve’s boss
  23. When was the memorandum made?
    1.   in the morning
    2.   before noon
    3.   May 5th,2006
    4.   may 3rd, 2006
  24. When will Mr. Wilder visit their office?
    1.   at night
    2.   in the afternoon
    3.   May 3rd 2006
    4.   May 5th 2006
  25. When will Mr. Wilder come exactly?
    1.   before 12 P.M
    2.   after 12 P.M
    3.   after 7 P.M
    4.   after 9 P.M
  26. Where does Mr. Wilder come from?
    1.   America
    2.   Australia
    3.   German
    4.   Canada
  27. To : Ariyadi
    Accounting Manager
    From : Antonius Indra Pamungkas
    Date : April 21st, 2006
    Sub : Analyzing Possibilities

    From the last two years financial condition, analyze some possibilities
    to increase the salary and to give higher healthy insurance. I would like to accept your report in two weeks.

    What does the Memo concern?
    1.   Increase the salary
    2.   Analyzing Possibilities
    3.   Give healthy insurance
    4.   Make an annual report.
  28. What is the basic data of analyzing the possibilities?
    1.   Marketing conditions
    2.   Company condition s
    3.   Personnel conditions
    4.   Financial conditions
  29. How long the time given to finish the analysis?
    1.   Two weeks
    2.   Two months
    3.   Three weeks
    4.   Three months
  30. What possibilities do they analyze?
    1.   To have longer holiday.
    2.   To give higher healthy insurance
    3.   To increase the salary
    4.   To increase the salary and to give higher healthy insurance
  31. To : All employees
    From : Security
    Date : May 30.2006
    Sub : Visitors

    Your visitors are asked to sign in at the reception desk. The receptionist will call your office to admit them. You must come to the reception area and escort your visitors to your office.

    What must visitors do?
    1.   Call your office.
    2.   Admit themselves.
    3.   Leave before closing
    4.   Sign in.
  32. In the second sentence, what does them refer to?
    1.   Signature
    2.   Visitors
    3.   Receptionists
    4.   Employees
  33. What does admit mean in this passage?
    1.   To send.
    2.   To state.
    3.   To let enter.
    4.   To release.
  34. Who must be escorted?
    1.   Children
    2.   All visitors.
    3.   Receptionist
    4.   Office personnel
  35. Who is the writer of the memo?
    1.   Personnel Manager.
    2.   Security
    3.   Marketing manager
    4.   Public relation staff
  36. Interoffice Memorandum
    To : All Department Supervisors
    From : J. Reinhardt
    Personnel officer
    Sub : Summary of 3/24 training session on improving job performance.
    Date : May 4, 2006

    Employees work best if they are happy. As a supervisor, there are things you can do to increase employee’s job satisfaction. Make sure your employees understand what they have to do. Give them proper and thorough training so they can do it well, and give the opportunities to bring that training up to date. Make sure that employees have freedom to exercise their own judgment, to offer their suggestion, and to point out problems. Most of all, make sure that you tell them they are doing a good job, not only during special assignments but when they maintain a high standard of routine work.

    Who wrote this Memo?
    1.   Supervisor Department officer.
    2.   Head of Fischer Communication Company
    3.   Personnel officer
    4.   Accounting department officer
  37. When do employees do their best work?
    1.   When they are challenged
    2.   When they are happy
    3.   When they are busy
    4.   When they are pressured
  38. Once you have trained an employee, what should you do?
    1.   Provide ways to update training
    2.   Make the employee train others
    3.   Move the employee to a different job
    4.   Control his or her chance to practice
  39. What is NOT mentioned as a freedom employees should have?
    1.   Exercise their own judgment
    2.   Offer suggestions
    3.   Make changes
    4.   Point out problems
  40. What should a boss praise employees for?
    1.   Exercising their freedom
    2.   Staying happy
    3.   Accepting special assignments
    4.   Doing consistently good work

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