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Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012


 Expressing Preference

Would Rather

Would rather is used to express personal preference. This expression is used to show a tendency doing or liking something.

Present from:
- Notice that the simple form of. a verb follows both would rather and than.
- if the verb is the same, it does not have to be repeated after than.
(1)       I would rather become an engineer than an architect.
(2)     I'd rather study English than (study) Biology.
Past from:
- would rather have + past participle
(3)     The dish was okay, but I would rather have eaten my mother's apple pie.
Progressive from:
- would rather + be + ing
(4)     I'd rather be playing football than (be)
staying at home right now.

Notes :

Contraction: I would = I'd
Negative form: would rather + not

Answer these questions using I'd rather and the words in the brackets.

Example: Shall we walk? (go by car) I'd rather go by car.
1.    Shall we play tennis? (go for swim)
2.    Shall we watch television? (read a book)
3.    Shall we go to a restaurant? (eat at home)
4.    Shall we leave now? (wait for a minute)
5.    Shall we cook the dinner later? (now)

Make sentences using  I'd rather ... than ….

Example: (walk/go by car)
I'd rather walk than go by car.

1.   (go fishing/ play football)
2.   (stay at home/go to cinema)
3.   (be a professor/be a millionaire)
4.   (go by bus/go by train)
5.   (live in the country/live in a city)

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