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Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012


Add the correct form of the verb in brackets.
  1. Miranda stopped  _______________ the horror film as it was getting too scary. (watch)
  2. I was late for work because I stopped _______________  to some friends. (talk)
  3. We regret _______________  you that our hotel is fully booked until the end of August.  (inform)
  4. Max regrets _______________  to the meeting. It was a waste of time. (go)
  5. I clearly remember _______________  Grace at the party. She was talking to Charlotte and Amy. (see)
  6. Remember _______________  your grandmother tomorrow. It's her birthday. (phone)
  7. Don't forget _______________ your swimsuits!  There's a lovely pool at the hotel. (pack)
  8. Amanda will never forget _______________  George Michael in concert. What a great night out! (see)
  9. Real Madrid tried very hard _______________  an equalising goal but they just couldn't get through Barcelona's defence. (score)
  10. For a delicious alternative try _______________  grilled halloumi cheese instead of feta to a Greek salad. (add)  
Answer :

1.  watching

2.  to talk

3.  to inform

4.  going

5.  seeing

6.  to phone

7.  to pack

8.  seeing
9.  to score

10.  adding

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