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Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012


bed and board   (noun)

meals and a room to sleep in

bed and breakfast   (noun)

the service of providing a room for the night and a meal the next morning

board   (noun)

meals provided for you when you stay at a hotel, live at another person’s house etc

courtesy bus   (noun)

a free bus for a hotel’s guests, a company’s workers etc

full board   (noun)

the service that you get at a hotel when you eat all your meals there. Half board includes only two meals.

half board   (noun)

an arrangement in which you stay in a hotel and have breakfast and an evening meal there, but not lunch

hospitality tray  (noun)

a set of things such as an electric kettle, cups, milk, and tea or coffee provided in a hotel room for making a hot drink

hotel    (noun)

belonging to a hotel

housekeeping    (noun)

the department of a hotel or hospital that is responsible for cleaning rooms

minibar    (noun)

a small cupboard of alcoholic drinks for guests in a hotel bedroom

order up

in a hotel, to choose food or drinks and ask for them to be delivered to your room

room and board    (noun)

bed and board

room service    (noun)

a service provided by a hotel that allows you to have food and drink brought to your room

service   (noun)

help and advice given to customers in a shop, hotel, or business

star    (noun)

a sign shaped like a star that is given to a hotel or restaurant to show which group it belongs to according to its quality or importance

switchboard   (noun)

a large piece of equipment in an office, hotel, public building etc that a person called a switchboard operator uses to answer telephone calls and to connect the people calling with the people who they want to speak to

upgrade  (verb)

to give people a better seat on a plane, or a better hotel room, than the one that they have paid for

upgrade  (noun)

the fact of being given a plane seat or hotel room that is better than the one that you have paid for

valet parking  (noun)

an arrangement by which a staff member of a restaurant, hotel etc parks customers’ cars for them

wake-up call  (noun)

a telephone call that you receive to wake you up, especially in a hotel

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