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Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012



1.     My brother prefers …. a book in the evening to playing football with his friends.
a.      read                b. cook                        c. buy              d. cooking       e. reading

2.     My sister likes her math class better …. Her biology class.
a.      than                b. or                             c. rather than               d. better than               e. to

Question 3– 6 refer to the following advertisement
A WELCOME COFFEE HOUR will be held on Tuesday, May 18 in the auditorium.
Attire is informal, refreshments will be served
All faculty are encouraged to attend, as this will be an opportunity for everybody to meet new lectures in the department before the school year opens

3.     What is the purpose of the meeting?
a.      to prepare future plans                      c. to review policies               e. to greet new people
b.     to debate a controversial topic         d. to greet old people

4.     How does the advertisement say people to dress?
a.      Formally                                           c. prepared to work                 e. sporty
b.     Casually                                            d. in academic uniforms

5.     … as this be an opportunity …. The underlined word has the similar meaning with …
a.      schedule                                            c. challenge                             e. chance
b.     Time                                                  d. change
6.     Where will the meeting be held?
a.      classroom        b. yard                         c. auditorium              c. office           e. library

7.     Rangga     : ….. they watch television every night ?
Rasty        : Yes, they do
a.      Did                  b. Will                         c. Are                          d. Does            e.     Did

8.     Sherra      :Will he go to Singapore next month ?
Fatty        : No, …
a.      they are not     b. he will                     c. she won’t                d. I will not     e. he won’t

9.     Mr. Yordan          : Has your boss come yet to the office?
Secretary             : Yes, …
a.      I do                  b.  he does                   c. he has                      d. They are      e. he is

10.  Said                      : … you always early to school ?
Farah                    : Yes, I am always early to school
a.      do                    b. can                          c. will                          d. are               e. does

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