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Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012



Mata Pelajaran :  Bahasa Inggris                 Waktu                              : 90 menit
Kelas                :  XI (Sebelas)                     Kompetensi Keahlian      : Semua Kompt. Keahlian
Hari/Tanggal  :  Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012      Nama Pengajar                : 1. Mr. Kheir
                                                                                                                   2. Mr. Azis
                                                                                                                   3. Mrs. Ade Rosita
I . Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang anda anggap benar dengan cara menghitamkan pada salah satu huruf a, b, c, d atau e pada lembar jawaban yang telah disediakan!
1.     ___ all the way make us tired.
a.  Walk               b.   walking                 c.   we walk     d.  we have walked     e.   by walking
2.     I don’t like ____ to another school
a.   Mira’s moves            b.   Mira she’s moving           c.  Mira move
d.  Mira’s moving           e.  The moving of Mira
3.     I’m sorry for ____to move to another school
a.  doing               b.   making                  c.   causing      d.  creating                  e.   developing
4.     Little children are usually afraid of___ by their mother
a.  left                  b.   to left                    c.   being left   d.  leaving                   e.   been left
5.     My brother has been away from home for years without ever ______to us
a.  to write           b.   to be written         c.   have written          d.  writing       e.   written
6.     Before ____his essay he read books on the subject
a.  he writes         b.   he has written       c.   writing        d.  he has written      e.   I am writing
7.     After ____ his pass, he has allowed to enter the building
a.  shown              b.   have shown           c.   showed        d.  showing               e.   to show
8.     Although dino has denied ____ the money, they are still suspecting him
a.  stolen              b.   steal                      c.   to steal        d.  stealing                e.   have stolen
9.     The man sitting next to ratu said, “do you mind______?”
a.  smoking          b.   to smoke               c.   smoke          d.  my smoking         e.   be smoking
10.  He must avoid____ too hard because of his poor health
a.  be working      b.   in working             c.   work           d.  working                e.   to be working
11.  Would you mind_____ so loud?
a.  to talk              b.   to not talking        c.   not talking   d.  you not talk          e.   not to talk
12.  Please excuse me______ you
a.  to interrupt      b.   for interrupting     c.   interrupt      d.  interrupted           e.   interrupting
13.  He was sentenced to two years imprisonment he confessed _______
a.  steal the jewels                       b.   when stealing the jewels              c.   he stole the jewels     
d.  to having stolen the jewels    e.   to be stealing the jewels
14.  I ____ to his behaving so rudely to ward his sister
a.  object              b.   dislike                   c.   disagree      d.  complain              e.   regret
15.  I am looking forward to _____ a salary raise next month
a.  get                   b.   be getting              c.   getting         d.  have got               e.   got
16.  Have you considered _____ to an apartment closer to your office?
a.  to move           b.   to be moving         c.   moving       d.  moved                  e.   move
17.  It’s hot in here. The air condition is not working’.
I think it only needs___________.”
a.  to clean           b.   cleaning                c.   cleaned        d.  clean                    e.   be cleaned
18.  In her letter my friend said that she was looking forward _________ from me again.
a.  to hear             b.   having heard         c.   to hearing   d.  hear                      e.   heard
19.  What does this song remind you of ?
_____ with my first date.
a.  to dance          b.   danced                   c.   dancing      d.  is dancing             e.   dancing for
20.  We always try to avoid _______ preserved foods.
a.  consuming      b.   being consuming  c.   consumed    d.  to consume          e.   we consume
21. We did not know how ________ him stop drinking
a.  make               b.   to be made                        c.   made          d.  making                 e.   to make
22.  since my father and my mother are both working, we usually go ________ on Sundays
a.  to shop                        b.   for shopping         c.   shopping    d.  shop                     e.   they shop
23.  I remember ______ in his town when traffic wasn’t too heavy get.
a.  be driving       b.   we driving             c.   drive           d.  our driving           e.   to drive
24.  Receptionist         : Good afternoon, ……. ?
Guest                   : I’d like to meet Mr. Kheir, is he in his room ?
a.  how are you ?             b.   How do you do ?               c.   Can I help you ?     
d.  What may you do ?    e.   What should you do ?
25.   Mita                    : Good morning ! I’m glad to meet you.
 Manager             : Good morning ! ……….
 a.  Have a seat please !   b.   Go out !                             c.   I don’t want to meet you
 d.  I’m sorry                    e.   Have an identity card ?
26.   The applicants take the application …. The telephone.
 a.  through          b.   by                          c.   over             d.  with                      e.   to
27.   My sister is a …. She often files in board. She has to get training before working in airplane.
a.  secretary         b.   typewriter             c.   waitress       d.  chef                      e.   stewardess
28.   The author …. You criticized in your review has written a reply.
 a.  who                b.   whom                    c.   which          d.  which                   e.   that
29.   A writer is …
a.   a person who writes on books, magazines and newspaper  
b.   a person who makes  breads, cakes, and etc.                       
c.   a person who writes  a novel, news, etc.
d.   a person who makes plans of new building.
e.   a person who sings a song.
30.   The government has increased the salary but the cost of … is even higher.
 a.  life                 b.   live                                    c.   living           d.  lived                     e.   lifing
31.   Mr. Jack              : Good morning ! What can I do for you, Sir ?
 Mr. James           : Good morning ! I want to meet Mr. Robert.
 Mr. Jack              :  Do you make … with him ?
        a.  a friend           b.   an appointment     c.   a family       d.  an apology           e.   an apologize
32.   Pharamita           : May I ……… your phone number ?
 Mitha                  : Sure. 0856789003321
 a.  have               b.   having                   c.   to have        d.  had                       e.   has
33.   Caller      : Good morning ! …… Mr. Bintoro ?
 Secretary : Please wait for a moment.
 a.  Are you speak to        b.   Do you speak to                c.   Can you speak to   
 d.  May you speak to      e.   May I speak to
34.   Nadya      : Good afternoon, is Rahma in here ?
Dania       : …. She is having a course now.
a.  No, she is not              b.   No, he is not                     c.   No, she does not    
d.  No, he does not           e.   No, he has not
35.   Marta      : Can I have extension 123, please ?
Secretary : …. Please, I’m putting you through.
a.  Of course        b.   Not at all               c.   hang up     d.  Hold on the line     e.   hang out

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