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Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012



Question 1-5. Choose the incorrect word!
1.      I like to have a cup of coffee better than a cup of tea right now.
A                     B                C                  D            E
2.     Shinta would rather have Chinese food better than Mexican food.
     A                         B         C                D                        E
3.     Receptionist        : SP Hotel. Can I help you, sir!
Mr. Rahmat         : I’d like to reserve a table with double bed. Can I Have one facing to the
                             B                           C                              D                                                  
beach, please!

4.     Waiter      : Could you like to order lunch now?
      A                      B
Minah      : Yes, I’ll have tomato soup and grilled steak.
                                 C                  D                 E
5.     Dora         : Will I work overtime to meet the deadline, sir?
                 A                                 B
Mr. Surya : No, you don’t have to, unless you can finish it on time.
                                 C                                             D            E

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