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Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012



1.     Woman                : Good morning. Can I help you, Sir?
Man                     : … for tomorrow. Can we get one with view to the sea?
Woman                : Certainly, Sir.
a.      I’d like to reserve a room      c. I need a table for two          e. I’d like to buy an apartment
b.     I’d like to rent an apartment             d. I hope you can help me     

2.     Fariz                    : I’d like to book a room, please.
Alam                    : Certainly. …
Fariz                    : On 17 December, if possible.
a.      When would you like to stay    c. Would it be to have an en-suite  e. Is it okay?
b.     When will you be available?               d. Would you like room?

3.     Caller                   : I’ve already made a reservation for this week. May I know my reservation
                               number, please?
Receptionist        : All right, …
Caller                   : It’s under the name Reyna Chaniago.
a.      Who is speaking?                  c. Can I have your number?   e. May I know your name, please?
b.     Who made the reservation    d. May I know you?

4.     Kifa          : Mulia Travel. Can I help you?
Mr. Ali     : …
a.      Can I reserve two single rooms?       c. Could I book 2 tables, please?        e. Can I fly?
b.     Can I have a glass of orange juice?  d. Could I have two tickets  to Bali

5.     Receptionist        : Good morning. Garage Restaurant. Can I help you?
Caller                   : … for two tonight.
Receptionist        : Certainly, Sir. May I have your name, please?
a.      I want to buy a table              c. I’d like to make a table          e. Can I book a ticket to Solo
b.     Let me reserve a table           d. I want you to book a table

6.     When I’m hot and thirsty, I prefer cold drink … hot drinks.
a.      to                    b. better than               c. rather than   d. than                         e. or

7.     I like chicken … beef.
a.      better than       b. than                         c. to                 d. better than   e. or

8.     I’d rather lie on the beach … go swimming.
  1. or                     b. rather than              c. than             d. better than   e. to

9.     Amir would prefer to drink coffee … tea
a.      rather than     b. better than               c. to                 d. than                         e. or

10.  Fatimah prefers … at home all the day.
a.      stayer             b. to stay                     c. stay              d. stayed          e. stays

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