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Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

READY FOR TEST and Answer 2

I.   Choose the best conditional sentence A,B,C,D, or E
  1.  Annie ... you if she had had your phone number.
    1. had called
    2. would call
    3. calls
    4. would have called
    5. will call
  2. The truth implied by the sentence in problem no.1 is ....
    1. Annie doesn’t have your phone number.
    2. Annie had your phone number.
    3. Annie wouldn’t have your phone number.
    4. Annie didn’t have your phone number.
    5. Annie called you.
  3. We would have met Mr. Woodhead, the famous speaker, if we ... earlier to the hall.
    1. would come
    2. will come
    3. came
    4. had come
    5. come
  4. truth implied by the sentence in problem no. 3 is ....
    1. We would come earlier so we could meet Mr. Woodhead.
    2. We came earlier, so we met Mr. Woodhead.
    3. We didn't come earlier but we met Mr. Woodhead.
    4. We didn't come earlier, so we didn't meet Mr. Woodhead.
    5. We met Mr. Woodhead although we didn't come earlier.
  5. The If it rains this afternoon, I ... at home.
    1. will stay
    2. would stay
    3. would have stayed
    4. had stayed
    5. am staying

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