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Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Soal TKM Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMK AK/AP/Pemasaran TP. 2012/2013


I. Incomplete Dialogues
Questions 16-30 are incomplete dialogues. Four answers marked (A), (B), (C) and (D) are given beneath each dialogue. You have to choose the best answer to complete the dialogue.

      1.   Receptionist : Good afternoon, Jimbaran Inn. May I help you?
                  Caller : …..
            A. I’d like to book a twin room for tonight, please.
            B. Could you please fill in this registration card?
            C. No, thanks a lot. I’ll try to find the inn myself.
            D. Here is the key card to your room, room 411.
2.   Diana : Have you heard that Rita couldn’t get the job?
Rudi : Really? She’s such a talented designer. If I were the HRD Manager, …..
A. I will call Rita
B. I would hire her
C. She’d have been successful
D. She would design my office
3.   Andre : I lost my wallet yesterday. Now I’m flat broke.
Jimmy : That’s too bad. …..
A. What a shame!
B. I’m sorry to hear that.
C. Congratulation!
D. It must be wonderful.

4.   Santi : ….. to our baby shower on Friday evening?
Lucia : I’d really like to, but I have to work overtime that evening.
A. Would it be okay if you talk
B. Do all of you want to go
C. Would you like to come
D. Are anyone here willing
5.   Stranger : Excuse me, how do I get to the bus station, please?
You : Keep walking for two blocks and …..
A. It’s at the corner, on the right.
B. It’s about ten minutes walk.
C. The bus station is closed.
D. Where do you want to go?
6.    Mr. Hardy : ….. about the extra charges on my bill.
Cashier : may I see your receipt? We’ll check it immediately.
A. They are still thinking
B. I think there is a mistake
C. I think I am totally right
D. Let everyone here talk
7.   Rina : I think we should buy a new photocopy machine.
Aditya : Well, ….. , we should first call the service agent.
A. Although it’s good
B. If that’s what I want
C. In my opinion
D. According to me
8.   Steward : …..
Clerk : That will be fifty thousand rupiahs, sir.
A. How long does it take to Medan?
B. A single ticket to Medan, please?
C. Medan is not too far from here.
D. Have you ever been to Medan?
9.   Reza : When will he begin to work on the report?
Irfan : I guess …..
A. He is reporting it right now.
B. He works for a lawyer.
C. He’ll start on it next week.
D. He has finished typing.
10. Manager : Santi, …..
Santi : Let me see what I can do, sir, because I have to mail these packages this
A. I took these boxes to the warehouse.
B. Did you take a call on line four?
C. Make these copies before 5 p.m.
D. Where is the board of directors meeting room?
11. Mr. Tirta : What is your business routine, Mr. Hanson?
Mr. Hanson : …..
A. My company mailed all our branches in Asia and Australia.
B. My company provides a complete mailing packaging.
C. My company will surely do the best mailing business.
D. My company should have employed more people.
12. Komang : ….. It’s very hot here.
Maya : Not at all. Here is the remote control.
A. Do you mind if I turn the air conditioner on?
B. How annoying is it if I turn the TV off?
C. Excuse me, I need to switch off the radio.
D. I will show you how to put out the fire.
13. Caller : Your phone systems may have some problems. There is no reply from the
Sales Department.
Operator : yes, no one picked up the phone. ….. Would you like to leave a message?
A. They don’t know how.
B. They might be at lunch.
C. They prefer facsimiles.
D. They will sell phones.
14. Gina : Was Andi the last to leave last night?
Yunita : No. I think …..
A. Mirza stayed until 10 p.m.
B. Rudi will come tonight.
C. Jimmy lives in Manado.
D. Fadli has delayed his stay.
15. Rika : You know we’re supposed to meet next Tuesday. I’m very sorry, but something
urgent has come up.
Andre : can we fix another time? ….. I’m available on thet day.
A. Are you free next March?
B. Would Friday suit you?
C. What about next week?
D. Is 3 p.m. okay for you?

1.       A            6.      B          11.       B
2.       B            7.      C          12.       A
3.       B            8.      B           13.       B
4.       C           9.       C          14.       A
5.       A           10.     C          15.       B

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