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Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

Soal TKM Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMK, Semester Ganjil TP .2012/2013

Soal Tes kendali Mutu SMK Semester Ganjil
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : XII AK/AP/Pemasaran
Tahun Pelajaran : 2012/2013
Presented by : Mr.Kheir

Reading Comprehension

1.      Dedi                   : Why don’t you go to bed?  …
Maman               : Yeah. I’m so tired because I had shooting until 3:00 after midnight.
Dedi                   : It’s time for you to take a rest, then.
A.     You sound hungry                               C.    You look sleepy
B.     You appear fresh                                 D.    You feel thirsty
2.      Nancy                : Hello  … ?
Mr. Joe              : Yes, speaking.
Nancy                : I need some information about the product you lounched yesterday.
A.     Could I speak to Mr. Joe, please !  
B.     Could you speak to Mr. Joe, please !
C.     Could you put me through to Mr. Joe
D.     Can you tell me about your product, Please
3.      Mrs. Gilbert      : I’ve just witnessed an accident. It was a hit and run.
Police Officer   : Can you describe the car?
Mrs. Gilbert      : Well,  ….. , I think.
A.     It’s green with buttons down the  front
B.     It’s a two storey one with air-conditioning
C.     It’sa small blue Japanese one with two doors
D.     It’s an expensive one with a wheel at the back
4.      Mark                  : There will be a great Indonesian ‘Batik’ Exhibition JDC next Saturday. …
Dennis                : Oh, really? I’d love to. Will you pick me up ?
A.     Will you buy handmade craft ?
B.     Would you like to come ?
C.     What do you want to do ?
D.     Do you have any plan ?
5.      Supervisor        : The client was upset because you couldn’t finish the design.
Designer           : If only there had been  no black-outs,  …
A.     I could call her                                     C.    I’m able to finish it on time
B.     I could have shown it to her                  D.    We had a meeting to report
6.      Santi                  : Can you help me with this report?
Devi                   : OK. … after lunch.
A.     I might do it                                          C.    I’ve already finished it
B.     I’ve something to do                             D.    We had a meeting to report
7.      Luna    : Please be quiet !
Rani                   : What’s up?
Luna                   : …
A.     The sertificates were being given
B.     The people are very busy right now
C.     The children were sleeping soundly
D.     The students are having an examination
8.      Amara               : Should we review our proposal today or tomorrow?
Markus              : Well, … What do you think?
A.     I proposed a toast                              C.    It doesn’t matter  to me
B.     It’s  beautiful today                             D.    You’ll work on a project
9.      Ikhsan                : Hi Dadang,  I heard that you travelled to Bandung. How was your trip?
Dadang             : … if it hadn’t rained everyday.
A.     It will be interesting                            C.    I would have been in Bandung
B.     It was an amazing trip                         D.    I would have had wonderful time
10.   Arsanti               : What’s your opinion of the Reality Show’s program on TV ?
Linda                  : Well, they’re bad. I don’t like watching it.
Arsanti               : …  Most of them make us bored.
A.     I think so                                               C.    I disagree with you
B.     I don’t think so                                    D.    I think you’re right
11.   Aprilia                : Excuse me. … the bus station please?
Renata              : Okey. Follow this way, turn right and then turn left. It’s on your left.
Aprilia                : Thank you.
A.     How far is it to      
B.     Where is the location of
C.     How long does it take to
D.     Could you tell me  the way to
12.   Neneng               : What do you do in your sparetime?
Rukiah                 : … Basuki Abdullah is my favourite.
Neneng                : So do I. I never miss new picture, especially romance.
A.     I like watching TV.                           C.    I’d better stay at home
B.     I’m pond of painting.                         D.    I’d rather listen to the music
13.   Ramona            : Hi, .… Oh, and a bottle of mineral water.
Waitress           : Thank you. That’ll be seven dollars.
A.     I’d like the fried rice and a medium coffee
B.     You can buy our salad for a 25% discount
C.     I think you owe me five dollars
D.     The fried rice is delicious
14.   Jenita                 : I’m calling about the appointment that we made for you to visit the two  
                            bedroom apartment on Jalan Menteng Raya.
Bonita                 : …
A.     That’s tomorrow at eleven, right    C.    I’ve been appointed an agent
B.     Welcome to our new apartment     D.    Press 5 to call the operator
15.   Jenita                 : Tomorrow afternoon my sister will have a birthday party.  … ?
Putriani               : Well, I don’t think I can. Tomorrow my parents will go to Makassar  and I must
                             stay at home.
Santoso             : It’s OK. Never mind.
A.     May I ask you about it                       C.    Would you like to come
B.     Can you go by yourself                      D.    What are you doing tomorrow


1.      C                 6.     A                   11.    D
2.      A                 7.     D                   12.    B
3.      D                8.     B                   13.    A
4.      B                 9.     B                   14.    D
5.      B                11.   D                    15.    C

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