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Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Soal TKM Bahasa Inggris SMK AK/AP/Pem. Kelas XI TP.2012/2013

KELAS XI SMK (AK/AP dan Pemasaran)
Semester Ganjil, Tahun Pelajaran 2012/2013

         I.            READING SECTION
16.   Teacher               : Good afternoon students.
       Students              : Good afternoon sir.
       Teacher               : Listen! Who  … to someone outside the class?
       A.     Is shouting                                C.    have shouted
       B.     Has shouted                              D.    was shouting
17.   Fonda                  : Can I talk to the manager,please !
       Receptionist         : …
       Fonda                  : Yes. This is Mr. David Fonda, the Blues and Shirts.
       A.     Can I take  a message, please!                                      
       B.     Could you spell your name, sir!
       C.     Will you all him next time ?
       D.     May I know who’s calling ?
18.   Rini                       : Why didn’t you come here by motorcycle ?
       Susan                   : … a week ago
       Rini                      : Why? It never made you trouble, did it ?
       A.     I will sell it                                C.    I was sold
       B.     It was sold                                D.    It will sell

19.   Marno                  : Where do you prefer living, in the village or in the town     center?
      Boni                      : … because the air is still fresh.
      Marno                   : I prefer living in the town center
      A.     I like live in  the village               C.    I prefer to live in the village
      B.     I’d rather live in the village          D.    I’d prefer living in the village
20.   Lola                      : What’s your plan for the next long weekend?
       Dani                      : I think  …
       A.     I take my family to the beach                         
       B.     I should have finished my job
       C.     I’ll vist my grandmother in Bali
       D.     I just stayed at home and watch TV
21.   Anton                   : Why do you look so sad?
       Karlina                  : I couldn’t pass the job interview.
       Anton                   : …
       A.     That’s great.                            C.    I’m happy to hear that.
       B.     I’m sorry to hear that.               D.    I’m pleased to hear that.
22.   Dina                      : Helen and I  are going for a picnic at Taman Safari
       Rita                       : What did Dina say?
       Andi                      : Dina said that …
       A.     Helen and I are going for a picnic at Taman Safari.
       B.     Helen and I were going for a picnic at Taman Safari.              
       C.     Helen and she are going for a picnic at Taman Safari.
       D.     Helen and she were going for a picnic at Taman Safari.
23.   Tia                         : Look! The weather is not good. It is too cloudy.
       Mira                      : That’s right.
       Tia                         : If the weather is fine, …
        A.     We would go to the garden party
        B.     We were going to the beach
        C.     We will go to the beach
        D.     We go to the mountain                                    
24.   Joko                      : Which one is longer, the Amazon or Thames?
       Basuki                  : Of course, the Amazon. It is … in the world.
       A.     The longer river                       C.    the most long river
       B.     The longest river                      D.    the more long river
25.   Passer by             : Excuse me. I’m trying to find a fitness center around here.   Can you help me ?
       Seller                    : …
        Passer by             : Thanks.
        A.     I’m trying to get fit, too.                   
        B.     The secret of our fitness is jogging regularly.
        C.     Turn left there and it’s the second building on the right.
        D.     Walk down the street. It’s on the left before the traffic lights.
26.   Caller                    :  Can I speak to the Purchasing Manager,please?
                                       My name is Rizal from the supplying company.
       Receptionist         :  I’m sorry Mr. Rizal. The manager is out. …
       Caller                   : OK. Would you please tell him that I haven’t received his   email about the order.
       A.     Can I leave the message?                    C.    Would you like to hold?
       B.     Can you call back later?                       D.    Would you like to leave a  message?
27.   Yiyis                      : I heard that your brother works as a tour guide. What is his responsible for?
       Wahyu                 : His responsible is …
       A.     Guiding groups of tourists in visiting certain places.                               
       B.     Making sure that tourists are glad.
       C.     Giving a right direction to people.
       D.     Getting to be on vacation for free.
28.   Shinta                   : How do you feel when you know that you’re the winner in      the speech contest?
       Dita                       : Of course, …
      A.     I am pleased.                                          C.    I am confused.
      B.     I am worried.                                          D.    I am disappointed.
29.   Desi                      : What was Rahman doing when … yesterday?
      Alex                      : When I entered the room, he was operating the computer.
      A.     You met him                                           C.    you’ll meet him
       B.     You meet him                                         D.    you to meet him
30.   Tuti                       : … ?
       Yenni                    : I usually have my hair cut once in two months.
       A.     When do you have your hair cut                    
       B.     How long you have your hair cut
       C.     How often do you have your hair cut
       D.     Do you have your hair cut once in two months


16.   A                             21.   B                   26.   D
17.   D                             22.   B                   27.   A
18.   B                             23.   C                   28.   A
19.   B                             24.   B                   29.   A
20.   C                             25.   C/D               30.   C

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